Welcome to Vital Naturals

We are a trading company for ancient seeds, grains, fruits, nuts and other products from Latin America servicing the rest of the world.

We believe in sustainable farming by supporting organic and fair-trade products.

Our Products

Nowadays, super foods are essential for a life full of energy. Our products have superb quality and we are able to distribute anywhere in the world.

Other products

We offer other products like Sesame seeds...

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Delicious dehydrated Physalis or Golden Berries

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Superfood high in minerals

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Pure energy and stimulating Maca

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Vital Naturals facilitates access to a big treasure: real nutrition with no tricks, born in the heart of the South American lands. We highlight the value of right nutrition, working and trading with organic products.

Our Expertise Matters

More than 14 years of experience

To provide high quality products, we adhere to the highest quality control standards.

Service and Support

We export our products anywhere, anytime.

In Vital Naturals we provide our customers with security and traceability of their purchases, providing personal service and support, involving ourselves since the crops.

Chronicles Around the World

Working Closely With Producers

Vital Naturals takes tremendous care in personally dealing with all the producers and farmers of our products, which is why we travel all over the world to know their business inside-out, in order to assure best quality. Meet the details, stories and peculiar facts about our work in Travel Diaries.