Our Story

Vital Naturals was born in an effort to promote healthy and nutritional lifestyles, through the trade and rescue of ancient food from Latin America. We aim for economic, social and environmental sustainability from field to final product. Our logo was specially design to represent grow, evolution, expansion and continuity. The spiral is one of the greatest designs in nature and it is intrinsic in many living beings grow and development. We work both with producers and exporters, we have an active commercial net worldwide that help us to offer the best quality available. We also work on consultancy projects ad-hoc for clients that have no presence in Latin America and require controlling and reporting on process and quality of food they are buying, under organic standards.


Our Vision

To be a trading company that contributes to life improving, supporting and promoting healthy nutrition that helps human wellbeing in general, looking for ecological sustainability, fair trade in all supply chain and long term business relationships.

Our Mission

We support human well-being by adding value to nutrition and vitality through organic food trade, focusing on seeds, grains, oils and other products of high nutritional content, specially from Latin American countries. We look to preserve the heritage of old crops with high nutritional values

Our Services

We finance and trade added value organic agricultural commodities from Latin America such as chia, quinoa, amaranth, canihua, maca, cocoa, lucuma, golden berries, to markets in Europe, Asia and North America.

We are a BCS ÖKO-Garantie GMBH certified company (CR-BIO-002).



Our Passion

We look to improve healthy habits, encourage a vital experience that starts with the right food our bodies need to increase our quality of life.

We give you a treasure, real nutrition, no tricks, Superfoods,  born in the heart of Latin America.