Vital Steps

For improving your life

What is well being?

It is a broad ranging concept affected in a complex way by the person’s physical health, psychological state, personal beliefs, social relationships and their relationship to salient features of their environment (World Health Organization, 1997).

Therefore, focusing on physical health, to achieve it, people must look for appropriate nutrition with high quality foods.

Benefits of well being

Our wellbeing affects every aspect of our lives – how clearly and rationally we think, how positive we are emotionally, our physical health, our relationships, our achievements, and our resilience to stress.

As defined by Dogde, Daly, Huyton & Sanders in 2012 (International Journal of Wellbeing), wellbeing is a state of equilibrium or balance that can be affected by life events or challenges.

Well-being integrates mental health (mind) and physical health (body) resulting in more holistic approaches to disease prevention and health promotion.

(Dunn HL. High level wellness. R.W. Beatty, Ltd: Arlington; 1973)

Higher levels of well-being are associated with decreased risk of disease, illness, and injury; better immune functioning; speedier recovery; and increased longevity (Pressman SD, Cohen S. Does positive affect influence health? Psychol Bull 2005;131:925–971.)

Why super foods

Because we all want to feel and look good, to functioning well every day. Superfoods are foods – mostly plant-based – that has high nutritional value good for our health like Quinoa and Chia.

We all should eat a variety of foods, including five portions of fruits and vegetables. Many superfoods are in these categories: fruits, seeds, grains.

As a good day starter and all throughout the day, Superfoods ensure us to get the nutrients our body needs.

Well being tips

Your lifestyle defines how well you are. Fully taking care of ourselves is the first step to a more happy and enjoyable life. Some tips to improve your life start with taking care of your body by eating well and exercising.

Eating well means daily consumption of natural, unprocessed foods with high nutrition content and in the right amount.

Super foods are today one of the most valuable resources we have to take care of our nutrition.

Other things you can do to improve your wellbeing is love more, laugh more, give more to others and be more grateful for who you are!

Ways to enjoy super foods

Super foods can be enjoy in many ways and ocassions. Here are some examples you can choose to eat them:

  • Add 1 tbsp of chia to your juice at breakfast. Just wait till it expands!
  • Have a nice bowl of your favorite cereal with added physalis (golden berries)
  • Try a cold Quinoa salad with cranberries and sherry tomatoes for the summer time
  • Or a nice and warm amaranth porridge for cool winter nights, with some crushed nuts
  • Maca will boost your energy levels, 1 tsp in your fruit smoothy can make wonders
Many recipes can be found in sites like these… or maybe you feel a bit adventurous and want to make your own!